For the past 15 years, our family has traveled a road that has led us to the creation of The S.E.A.L. (Specialized Education for All Learners) Foundation. Our mission is to provide funding for specialized education in private schools so that all children, even those who learn in different ways, can be afforded the opportunity to attend a private institution.

We will provide assistance to a broad community of private schools that share our mission of serving learners of all types. We are taught to help those in need and our mission reflects this.

As parents, it is heartbreaking to be unable to provide the same opportunities to all of our children. My husband and I have three sons, and our two older boys have had the opportunity to receive a private school education. Both have thrived in this environment. The education, atmosphere, socialization, culture and involvement have enriched their lives and ours as well. The path for our youngest son has been different though, as he was diagnosed at a very early age with a language-based learning disability. Initially, we had no idea of the obstacles that these differences would present, but eventually, we learned that private schools could not accommodate our son’s learning needs because they lacked the funding for the appropriate resources. We were concerned that a private school education would never be an option for our youngest son.

Throughout our son’s life, we were fortunate to be able to provide and implement programs and engage special education teachers to act as advocates/liaisons in multiple school systems. Unfortunately, the schools that we found to address our son’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) needs were a great distance away from the schools his brothers and friends attended.

It is our belief that parents should not be limited in their choices for educating their children who have learning differences. We intend to provide families more options for their children who have IEP needs by funding programs through The S.E.A.L. Foundation.

Your support of The S.E.A.L. Foundation will help not only our children of today but also those in future generations.

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Your support of The S.E.A.L. Foundation will help not only our children of today but also those in future generations.